3 Reasons You Should Incorporate Aerial Photography in Your Real Estate Listing

If you’ve been looking for ways to make your real estate listing stand out from others, you’ve probably thought about aerial photography. But you may have wondered: is it really worth the investment? Or is Houston drone photography just a gimmick?

While drone photography may not be right for showcasing every kind of property, there are times when you should definitely utilize it. Here are some examples of when you should add drone photography to your listing to spice it up!

  1. Showcase the Surrounding Area

Buying real estate is about so much more than the home itself. If there are attractions in the area surrounding the home, it’s important that they show up in the online listing. Aerial photography gives you a nice snapshot of everything near a property. You might want to showcase:

  • A nearby golf course
  • A gorgeous lake near or on the property
  • Wide-open surrounding landscape
  • Nearby playgrounds or scenic parks

Looking up the area on Google Earth just won’t do it justice. Only a drone will allow you to truly capture what life near the home looks like.

  1. Give Buyers a Clear Picture of the Layout—Literally!

Pictures are often more powerful than words. This is especially true when it comes to real estate. There are certain things that just don’t translate well in a property’s description. Layout is one of these things. Aerial photographs give potential buyers a quick understanding of how a property is laid out—both the home itself and the land it lies on.

If the property is an acreage, drone photography is especially important. It can show the entire property in a single photo! If a property has a pool or other outdoor amenities, drone photography is the best way to show it off to scale.

  1. Boost the Online Listing

It’s no secret that real estate listings with photos perform significantly better than those without. But every listing these days has great images. Just hiring a professional photographer isn’t enough. Photographs taken by a drone will distinguish your listing from similar properties and make you more likely to actually close the sale.

Aerial photographs allow buyers to see the most information in just one photograph. Buyers don’t necessarily want to pour over dozens of photos to examine a property. When they’re looking at multiple properties, this will take even more time. Homebuyers want a convenient purchasing process. When a listing provides aerial photographs, they will be able to make an informed decision in a short amount of time. If you want to make a real estate sale fast, having drone photography could help make that happen!

Choose the Best Houston Drone Photographer to Take Your Aerial Images

Do you have a listing that needs drone photography? As a Houston real estate photographer, I have extensive experience enhancing real estate listings with gorgeous aerial photographs. Don’t settle for just any drone photographer. Use my experience and cutting-edge equipment to make your listing look its very best. Contact me today!