I am a Native Houston Photographer specializing in real estate, aerial, and commercial photography. I have a passion for capturing the unique beauty of homes, buildings and communities. My journey in photography began in film processing labs, where I honed my skills and developed my craft. Moving up, I spent a couple of years in the digital darkroom for Gittings retouching photos on early version of photoshop. Thank goodness for that part of my experience, I don't have to pay other people to edit my photos! My big break came when I was hired by local legend Evin Thayer, where I worked, shot and learned for eight years. In 2005, I started my own business, taking on a wide range of projects including weddings, events, portraits, jewelry and food photography. It was through shooting real estate listings for a local broker that I discovered my true passion for architectural and real estate photography.

Over the years, I have continued to evolve and improve my work through education and image competitions. I am always seeking new opportunities to learn and grow as a photographer, and I find great value in networking with other photographers and collaborating with them. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. I am always happy to discuss the art of photography.

The CPP program has empowered me with knowledge, technical skills, and the confidence to succeed. The certification has helped me sell myself and stand out in a competitive industry.

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I am proud to have earned my Master of Photography (M.Photog.) degree and my Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) certification from the Professional Photographers Association (PPA). The M.Photog. degree is a testament to my superior photographic skills demonstrated through the Photographic Open category of PPA’s International Photographic Competition, advanced education, and service to the industry. I am grateful for the invaluable experiences and opportunities that the PPA has provided me, allowing me to deliver exceptional real estate photography services to my clients.

I am committed to continuing to push the boundaries of my craft and "Keep Shooting!" as I strive to showcase the beauty of Houston to the world.

My work has also been featured on the covers of both the TPPA magazine "The Photographer" and the PPA magazine "Professional Photographer"

I am also excited to have been a finalist in the Grand Imaging Awards (GIA's), where the world's best photographers gather to celebrate their accomplishments and showcase their stunning work. I was thrilled to be among thousands of attendees from around the world who witnessed the announcement of the winners of the International Photographic Competition and their breathtaking images at Imaging USA in January. As an architectural photographer, I have faced challenges in finding my place within professional organizations, where many members specialize in photographing people. However, I am encouraged by the growing education and appreciation for my niche, and I hope to have played a role in this progression. If you're interested in learning more about my equipment and process, I have written an article on the topic.

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Patrick Bertolino
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