Houston Aerial PHotographer

Hi there, I'm your friendly neighborhood Houston Aerial Photographer, with 25+ of experience capturing the world from above! Outfitted with my Certified Remote Pilot Certificate, Master of Photography (M.Photog.) degree from the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), and as a Certified Profession al Photographer (CPP), I've got all the skills and credentials needed to capture stunning aerial shots of your real estate properties. Let's take to the skies together and make some magic happen!

Why should you hire me for your aerial photography?

Why should you hire me as your aerial photographer? Because my images are PRETTY PRETTY PRETTY good. Have a look at my Aerial Gallery.

Now, here's the thing - I'm not just a drone operator. I'm an aerial photographer, and I approach every shoot with a focus on capturing stunning, artful images that truly capture the essence of your subject. And because I'm a certified drone pilot, you can trust that I'll be able to navigate the skies safely and legally to get the shots you need. But perhaps most importantly, hiring me as your aerial photographer means you'll get high-quality images that truly stand out from the crowd. With my years of experience, technical skills, and artistic vision, I'll work with you to create visuals that are both stunning and effective at achieving your goals. So why settle for mediocre aerial shots when you can have the best?

What is a Certified Remote Pilot?

Drone certification is a big deal when it comes to hiring an aerial photographer - it's proof that they're up-to-date on FAA regulations and can safely navigate the skies. But it's not just about legality - it's also about getting someone who knows their stuff and can help you soar above the competition with some epic aerial shots. As a certified drone pilot, I've got all the legal bases covered to ensure that your aerial photography needs are met with both creativity and compliance.


I'm not one to play favorites, but when it comes to pricing, my real estate and commercial clients do have some differences. However, one thing's for sure - my rates for adding aerial shots to an existing photo session start at a cool $100. So if you're looking to take your photography game to new heights (literally), contact me for all the details!

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