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With 25+ years of experience as a Houston real estate photographer, I’ve honed my skills and developed a unique approach to capturing properties. As a Master of Photography (M.Photog.) recognized by the Professional Photographers of America and a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) with the PPA, I’m proud to bring a high level of technical and creative expertise to every shoot. My focus is on delivering images that showcase the unique features of each property in a natural and architectural style, while keeping lines straight and colors true. When you choose me as your photographer, you can expect nothing but the best! From showing up on time to delivering beautiful photos the next day, I prioritize quality and excellence in every aspect of my work. And let’s not forget about making you look good in front of your sellers – I’ve got your back! With my upbeat attitude and energetic demeanor, I’m committed to making your experience with me both professional and enjoyable. You can count on me to bring a positive, can-do attitude to every shoot, making the process as seamless and fun as possible.

When it comes to photos of your listing, choosing the right shots can make all the difference – it’s like picking the perfect outfit for a first date! With the right images, your property can make a killer first impression and stand out from the crowd. Realtors are the marketing gurus behind each property, and as a real estate photographer, I put the power of professional imagery in their hands. I don’t limit the number of images I capture during a shoot; instead, I strive to provide a full report of images that accurately represent each property, shooting an average of 40-70 images per property, depending on its size. This level of choice and flexibility gives Realtors the power to market each property to its fullest potential.

I bring a level of passion and dedication to my craft that sets me apart from others. Photography is not just a job for me, it is my heart and soul, and it shows in every image I capture. I have a wealth of experience in managing the business and client relationships, and I am committed to providing the highest level of service to my clients. Whether it’s working with a difficult seller or navigating the latest industry changes, I have the skills and expertise to handle any situation with professionalism and grace. With my passion for photography and my commitment to providing the best service possible, you can trust that your property will be showcased in the most compelling and effective way possible.

When you get that new listing, it’s important to choose a photographer who is experienced, professional, and dedicated to capturing high-quality images that accurately showcase your property. With someone who is committed to providing exceptional service, your property will stand out from the rest and make a lasting impression on potential buyers. At the end of the day, it is the photos that count. Be sure to check out my real estate photography gallery. For additional tips on preparing your listing for photography, have a look at this informative article.


My real estate photography pricing starts at $175. I base my prices on square footage of the home. The bigger the house, the more time it takes, the more it will cost.

As you take a look at my price list, I want to emphasize that I place a high value on consistently delivering top-notch photography. While I may not be the cheapest option out there, I truly believe that the investment in my services is worth it. I’m an open book when it comes to discussing my shooting style, equipment, turn around times, punctuality and even what I will be wearing, so please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions.

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Aerial Photographer
I have always yearned to add altitude to my real estate photos. Back in the day, I even taped a GoPro camera to a remote control helicopter to try and capture stunning aerial views. Let’s just say it didn’t end well – those little rotors can be surprisingly powerful! I also erected a towering 60-foot tripod to get the angles I was looking for, but the 45-minute setup and take-down was anything but sustainable. That’s why I’m absolutely thrilled to bring the power of drone technology to the real estate industry! With unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), I can finally capture the breathtaking aerial views that I’ve always dreamed of – without the danger or the hassle. Trust me to elevate your real estate photography (literally and figuratively!) with my DJI Phantom IV drone.
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I know that capturing the perfect shot takes more than just technical know-how – it takes a creative eye and a passion for bringing out the beauty in every image. When it comes to photographing your listing from the air, I pride myself on my ability to see the world from a different perspective and capture stunning, one-of-a-kind images that showcase your property in the best possible light. With my years of experience and FAA licensure, I am confident that I can deliver exceptional results that exceed your expectations.

Adhering to FAA rules is crucial for commercial drone pilots. Unlicensed operators risk property damage and personal safety. I’m FAA licensed, prioritizing safety through maintenance, inspections, and legal flights.


Bring Your Real Estate Listings to Life with Cinematic Video Tours – Showcase the Finer Points of Your Properties. Video marketing is a key tool in creating an engaging and authentic real estate experience. That’s why my video tours are designed to showcase the unique beauty and character of each property through a cinematic lens. Let us bring a touch of magic to your listings, highlighting its best features and telling its story in a captivating way. See our examples below and visit my Vimeo page for more. Ready to enhance your real estate marketing strategy? Browse my price and ordering options now.


Take Your Real Estate Listings to the Next Level with Affordable Video Walkthroughs. A video walkthrough is a convenient and efficient way for agents to bring their listings to life and give buyers a better sense of the property. Our video walkthroughs are:

  • Short, edited and stabilized videos that showcase the layout of the property.
  • Designed to provide additional context beyond what photos can offer.
  • An affordable alternative to cinematic videos, starting at just $350 and ready in just 2 days.

Explore our video walkthrough examples below and visit our Vimeo page for more. Ready to add a new dimension to your real estate listings? Check out my price and ordering options today.


Virtual tours, also known as 3D tours or 3D walkthroughs, allow buyers to digitally tour a for-sale home. The online home shopper controls which part of the house they look at and from which angle — think of it like Street View on Google Maps, but for the inside of a home.

  • Starting at $275 and available in about 2 days
  • Hosted for 90 days
  • Easy and quick capture – about 15 minutes

Have a look at my examples below. Have a look at my price and ordering page.


Transform Your Real Estate Business with Virtual Staging – The Future of Home Presentation. Whether you’re new to real estate or a seasoned professional, virtual staging is a game-changer. Offering cost-effective and quick solutions, virtual staging is a smart alternative to traditional home staging. With the help of technology, our virtual staging services allow you to turn empty rooms into visually appealing spaces, making it easier for your clients to connect with the property. From furniture placement to accent pieces, our virtual staging options help bring your listings to life. See the difference for yourself – prices start at just $60 for a single image, or opt for a set of three for $150, delivered in just 2 business days. Check out my virtual staging order form today.


Enhance Your Real Estate Listings with Stunning Sky Replacements and Twilight Transformations. Don’t let a cloudy or unappealing sky detract from the beauty of your listings. With my expert sky replacement services, I can give each photo a stunning and inviting sky that brings out the best in your property. Take your listings to the next level by transforming day shots into breathtaking twilight images. With the windows illuminated to create a warm and cozy evening feel, your listings will stand out and make a lasting impression. And the best part? My services are affordable and fast, with a single image starting at just $50 and delivery in 1-2 days. Transform your listings today.


Bring Your Listings to Life with High-Quality Floor Plans. Help potential buyers understand the flow and layout of a property with my professional floor plan services. As online shopping becomes more prevalent, making your listings stand out is more important than ever. A well-designed floor plan can be the key to catching a buyer’s eye and helping them visualize themselves in the space. I offer floor plans as an easy add-on to your photo package, taking just 10 minutes at the end of the photo session. Starting at $75 for homes under 3000 square feet, my floor plans are an affordable and fast way to enhance your listings. Receive your plans the next day, usually delivered alongside your photos.
Bring Your Listings to Life with High-Quality Floor Plans. Help potential buyers understand the flow and layout of a property with my professional floor plan services. As online shopping becomes more prevalent, making your listings stand out is more important than ever. A well-designed floor plan can be the key to catching a buyer’s eye and helping them visualize themselves in the space. I offer floor plans as an easy add-on to your photo package, taking just 10 minutes at the end of the photo session. Starting at $75 for homes under 3000 square feet, my floor plans are an affordable and fast way to enhance your listings. Receive your plans the next day, usually delivered alongside your photos.
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As a real estate agent, you understand the significance of high-quality real estate photography in showcasing your listing. While having an experienced real estate photographer is crucial, it’s equally important to properly prepare your home for the photoshoot. Here are some tips to help you get your home ready for its close-up and create stunning real estate photos.

Enhance Curb Appeal
Start by enhancing the appearance of your front yard. The day before the photoshoot, make sure to tidy up your landscaping, including trimming bushes and trees, clearing debris, and removing any unattractive elements, such as water hoses or signs. If the photoshoot is taking place during the fall, rake up the leaves. To further enhance the look of your home’s exterior, remove any cars from the driveway, open curtains and blinds, and consider wetting the driveway to make it look even. This should be done just 5 minutes before the photoshoot begins.

Interior Preparation
Remove anything that detracts from the beauty of your home, including clutter, visible power cords and cables, and products in the kitchen and bathroom. If you need to store excess items, move them to the garage. Minimalism is key when it comes to creating visually appealing photos. Ensure that the lighting in your home is working properly and the blinds are in good condition. If there are any repairs or painting that need to be done, take care of them before the photographer arrives. During the photoshoot, turn off all fans to avoid disrupting the lighting. The laundry room can be a great focal point in photos, but make sure it is clean and free of clutter.

Backyard Clean-Up
Similar to the front yard, tidy up your landscaping and remove any debris, BBQ grills, or other items that detract from the aesthetic of your backyard. If you have a pool, have it cleaned the day before the photoshoot. Clean your patio umbrellas and warn your photographer if you have a dog to avoid any unwanted surprises during the photoshoot.

Use a professional real estate photographer
For the best results, consider working with a professional real estate photographer. I specialize in capturing the character and charm of homes through high-quality real estate photography. If you have any questions about how to prepare for your photoshoot, I would be happy to assist. Contact me today to book your session!


What is the best time of day to photograph a home?

Every home is different. Most people default to twilight as the best time to shoot. That may be the case. Not all homes “shine” during twilight. My preferred times to shoot is when the sun is overhead, rather than shining through the windows. 11am – 2pm has always worked for me. Of course, Weather always has a vote! The perfect conditions: Happy, puffy clouds against a blue sky when I do the exteriors, then mostly cloudy to overcast for the interiors.

Do you still shoot on cloudy or rainy days?

Yes! I can do amazing things with an overcast sky. Now, if it is pouring down rain we can shoot the interior but may have to schedule a time for me to come back and do the front. Always best to wait until 2 hours before the shoot. Houston weather always changes!

Do you work on the weekends?

Not normally, but when it gets busy or if you have specific needs, I will try to accommodate you.

When will I get the photos back?

I guarantee photos back the next business day. We can always discuss your deadline. Large homes with more photos take more work.

How many photos will I get?

I do not limit how many photos I deliver. I do a full “report” on the listing. I try to shoot for 50 since that is what HAR will feature. My average is 40-60 images. It really depends on the size of the house.
How long does the shoot last?
Again, it depends on the size of the listing, but an average home will take me about 35-45 minutes.
What’s the best time of the day for a shoot?

I like the sun overhead and not in the lens. I suggest between 11am – 3pm for a normal daytime shoot.

How should I get the listing ready for photography?

See this page for some great tips!

What if I need to cancel?

You know what, things happen. Just try to tell me before I get in the car! I don’t like to charge for a service that I didn’t provide. But If I make an unnecessary trip, we should try to make it right.

How much do you charge for photographs?

It’s all on my Real Estate Photography Pricing page. That’s how you will schedule me as well.

How do I pay you?

I will send you a payment link when I delivery photos. Now, if you are first time client, I may ask to be paid before final delivery.

Do you upload to MLS?

No, I don’t. But I try to make it as easy as possible for you to do so! I have very easy system for downloading.

Do you charge travel fees?

The easy answer is no, not in the greater Houston area. If you have a shoot out of the area, I will simply suggest adding one or two of my additional products to make it worth the drive.

Can I give the photos to someone?

I’d prefer you contact me before giving the photos to anyone. You have a limited license to use them for marketing up until the listing has ended. I really don’t mind you using them for you personal website or social media, but please have anyone interested contact me.

Do you have a Supra?

Sorry, I don’t. I can provide you with a combo lock.