Getting Your Home Ready for Its Close-Up: How to Prepare for Real Estate Photography

Like all good realtors know, real estate photography is one of the most important aspects of a home’s listing. It’s true that having a talented real estate photographer is essential. But if you haven’t properly prepped your home, there’s nothing they can do to make the photos turn out well.

Snapping the photos is the photographer’s job, while cleaning up your space ahead of the photoshoot is yours. Here are some tips for how to prep your home from the inside out. When you follow these guidelines, you’ll end up with some fantastic looking photography.

Boost Curb Appeal
First, you need to take a look at the front yard and make sure that it looks as perfect as possible before the photoshoot. You’ll want your landscaping to be spruced up the day before the session. It’s your responsibility to trim all your bushes and trees that might be dead and detract from the beauty of your home. Clear away any stray debris, signs, and water hoses. If you’re getting photos taken in the fall, rake up the leaves.

You shouldn’t have any cars sitting in your driveway. Opening the curtains and blinds inside the house will make your home’s exterior photograph better. If you want to wet the driveway, that is also your responsibility. This will make the concrete or pavers look more even. The best time to do this is just five minutes before your session begins.

Prep Your Home’s Interior
Anything that detracts from your home’s beauty should be removed. Although a bit of dust won’t hurt, clutter kills photos. So, hide your kid’s toys and get rid of that stack of old magazines! If you don’t have a place for your excess stuff, move it to the garage.

Minimalism is the best thing for your photos. Power cords and cables create a chaotic appearance. Hide them as best you can. No products should be visible in the kitchen or bathroom.

Lighting is extremely important in your photos. Make sure your lightbulbs are working and the blinds on your windows are in good condition. If there are any painting or other repairs that need to be done, do them yourself or hire a handyman before the photographer starts snapping photos.

During the session, make sure all your fans are off. The laundry room is a good thing to highlight in photos. But it can often be filled with clutter. Make sure it’s clean before the photographer arrives.

Clean Up the Backyard
Just like with the front yard, you should have your landscaping spruced up the day before. If there are any debris, BBQ grills, or other clutter destroying the aesthetic of your backyard, move them to the side. If you have a pool, make sure you have it cleaned the day before the photos. Your patio umbrellas should be clean and in good order. If you have a dog, warn your photographer. You don’t want them stepping in dog poop during the session.

Get Patrick Bertolino to Take Your Real Estate Photography
If you’ve been searching for the perfect real estate photographer, contact me! I’d love to make sure your home’s character shows up in your listing. If you have any more questions on how to prepare for your session contact me! I’d be happy to help.