Why use a professional Real Estate Photographer? Why use me?

Using a professional photographer to create images for HAR yield better results because over 85% of buyers start their search online. You want to make the first impression count, and it starts with quality pictures. Many times I find I am re-shooting beautiful houses for realtors that paid for less than perfect photos. Get it right the first time with me! Many clients will point out listings that didn't use a professional - they notice the difference right away. Be competitive in this market and make your listing count! Get some great tips on preparing your listing by clicking HERE.

What type of of technique is best for your listing?

Seems like a lot of new photographers to the industry are using HDR. To be honest, I do too sometimes. I may add professional lighting to some of the shots, or stand back and let the available light do the work. Every room is different. I like to take an architectural view point on any property I shoot. The lighting can be formulaic. The ability to compose great looking images is what can bring even the most simple property on a level of respectable marketability. My work is naturally beautiful without using cheap techniques that attract attention. Most of all, I like clean lines and natural light. It is a warm invitation to view the property without blasting your eyes with unnecessary color. This is a skill that come with over 20 years experience in the industry. I invite you to check my prices or place an order for Houston Real Estate Photography:

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Patrick Bertolino, CPP, Certified Remote Pilot

Houston Real Estate Photographer, Certified Drone Pilot

Perspective. It can change everything about a photo. Even 20 feet can give an entirely different feel to an image. My first attempts at aerial photography were attaching a go pro to an RC Helicopter. Let’s say it was an unbalanced situation. As technology offered better and easier options, I found a reliable new tool to put on my belt. I don’t define myself as a “drone pilot” obviously, it’s another piece of equipment I can use. It’s more the job of an ‘operator’ and less of a photographer. Having said that, I do pride myself on my piloting skills. I observe all FAA rules and guidelines and am licensed to fly drones commercially. Certificate Number #3953895l