5 Secrets to Choosing the Right Real Estate Photographer

Are you a realtor on the hunt for Houston Real Estate Photography? This important choice can make or break your real estate listing. Not sure how to find the right photographer? Here are five tips that will help you make the right choice.

  1. Look at Their Specialty

Even the most expensive, experienced real estate photographer may not be suited for every type of photography. Photographers have specialties. Real estate photography is already a specific niche. Someone who specializes in portrait photography may be very talented, but that doesn’t mean you want them taking photos of the home you’re trying to sell.

Many real estate photographers will have even more specific niches. Some may have a lot of experience shooting condos and apartments while others specialize in luxury Houston homes. Find out if your photographer has a specialty and if it fits well with what you want.

  1. Always View Examples

Perhaps the best way you can find the real estate photographer that’s right for you is by viewing their past work. Any photographer that’s worth their fee will have an extensive portfolio available online. Look through it. Think about how you want your listing to look and see if the photographer’s portfolio examples match up with your expectations. This is another great way to get a feel for the photographer’s specialty, even if they don’t say that they have one.

  1. Talk to Them Before You Commit

Even though your relationship with your real estate photographer is going to be short-lived, it’s important that you can work well together. Although the photographer is the expert, you also want to find someone that values your opinion. They should be someone who you feel comfortable talking to (and welcoming into your private space).  Building a solid rapport is important in case you have any concerns about the session or the finished photos. 

Ultimately, the photos will be for your listing. If you aren’t happy with the end result, it matters. Because of this, you must take the time to meet the photographer in person and talk to them before you book the session.

  1. Find Out About Their Background

How long has your photographer been in the game? Are they self-taught, or did they go to school? These kinds of things will impact the price of a Houston real estate photographer but they will also impact the final product. 

You don’t necessarily need someone with 30 years of experience, but someone who’s brand-new to the game may not deliver the most high-quality work. Don’t try to save by hiring an inexperienced photographer. If they give you substandard work, you’ll just end up paying even more to get the images re-done by a true professional.

  1. Learn About Their Equipment

Raw talent and experience aren’t everything. Technology matters too, especially when it comes to photography. Most photographers should have the type of equipment they use listed online. Do some research on the equipment your photographer uses. It doesn’t need to be the latest, greatest equipment of all time, but it should be able to execute your vision without any problems.

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