Houston Real Estate Photographer


Using a professional photographer to create images for HAR yield better results because over 85% of buyers start their search online. You want to make the first impression count, and it starts with quality pictures. Many times I find I am re-shooting beautiful houses for realtors that paid for less than perfect photos. Get it right the first time with me! Many clients will point out listings that didn't use a professional - they notice the difference right away. Be competitive in this market and make your listing count! Get some great tips on preparing your listing by clicking HERE.

Texas Apartment Photographer


I slowly realized after photographing dozens of multi-family homes that I was being asked to showcase a lot of the same amenities. Showcasing the marketable areas of a large or small complex became as instinctual to me as doing the same for a residential home. I decided to make it easier by creating packages for this growing aspect of Houston living. It makes me very proud to be one of the only photographers in the area specializing in this. Allow me to help you market your property to get the exposure it deserves.

Listing Photos


Aerial and drone photography are on the rise! The FAA has strict guidlines for commercial drone usage. You will want to make sure you have someone who is licensed and educated on these restrictions so that your images are legitimate. I use the an extension rod for "low altitude" aerial photography that enables me to move in between trees at 20 feet, and also get an elevated view in no fly zones. Yes, even 20 feet can make a huge difference!

Houston Commerical Photographer


Do you have a wonderful space you want to show your clients? I have you covered. Do you own a multi family complex that has been renovated? Let me showcase your hard work. I have created images for commercial realtors, interior designers, architects, builders, developers, and plenty of other businesses looking to showcase their products and spaces. I would love to sit down with you and discuss your needs.

Houston Industrial Photographer


Here in Houston Tx, when you ask someone what they do for a living, many will tell you Oil and Gas. It is the driving force behind our economy and has been a starting place for many commercial photographers here in the city. After getting hired for several projects, I found a great resource for new clients! Although some may not think refineries are beautiful, I have been very impressed with the technology and yes, beauty at these sites.