The Lady Raye – A 112′ Westport Yacht

The Lady Raye on the water

The Lady Raye on the water

Last week I had the pleasure of departing a little bit from the hustle and bustle of photographing homes in the booming Houston real estate market. I was hired by Worth Avenue Yachts to shoot The Lady Raye, a used 112 foot Westport yacht made in 2005. It has a max speed of 24 knots, 4 state rooms, and 8 sleeping quarters. It has also been recently updated with an exterior Awlgrip, underside painting, new carpet, and A/V equipment.

The Lady Raye's name badge

The Lady Raye’s name badge

The Lady is classy, cool, and has been professionally maintained since the first time she hit the water. She has a lot of classy details and if you want to take a closer look, check out this LINK to the official sale page.

The indoor bridge of the Lady Raye

The indoor bridge of the Lady Raye

This is the pilothouse. The Lady features two options for its pilot. An indoor option for less than ideal weather situations and a flybridge helm on the upper deck of teh yacht for when the wind needs to flow through your hair. Or captains hat.

The Lady Ray's master sleeping quarters

The Lady Raye’s master sleeping quarters

The master stateroom above is not only spacious but also very reminiscent of being in a small yet fancy estate. Decked out with mirror walls on the headboard, a couch, and two galley bathrooms it will comfortable sleep two people.

The Lady Ray's inner dining and kitchen quarters

The Lady Ray’s inner dining and kitchen quarters

The main salon is fully furnished and boasts a seating area, a breakfast table, a dining table, and a kitchen.

The rear deck on the Lady Raye

The rear deck on the Lady Raye

The aft deck seating area is where you’ll most likely spend most of your time on this boat enjoying a meal or simply watching a sunrise or sunset. Or maybe you’d prefer the jacuzzi!

It was a really fun job and a really nice break from shooting homes non-stop. The client was really great and allotted me all of the time and resources needed to get the shots for this project. If you want to see the full spread of images check out the Worth Avenue Yachts website here.

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